High Demand for Semiconductors in Pacemakers

Herzschrittmacher_auf_RoentgenbildSemiconductors are one of the important components in heart monitoring systems that are commonly referred to as pacemakers. Pacemakers are small computer-like monitors inserted into a chest cavity to regulate a natural heart rhythm that failed to do so on its own. Not only does the mechanism of the pacemaker must deliver the precise electric stimuli to the heart, it also must work in the specific human body environment. An electric pacemaker consists of several parts that are usually constructed separately, and later put together. Most pacemaker manufacturers rely on different suppliers for the batteries, leads and the motherboard that contains all the electrical circuitry of the heart rate monitoring mechanism. The ...
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Rittenhouse Orthodontics Provides Latest Treatment Options

Dr TuncayIt’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Rittenhouse Orthodontics was founded to deliver the most technically advanced orthodontic treatment. Dr. Tuncay provides exceptional personalized orthodontic care for children, teens, and adults. That’s why he was voted Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Orthodontist. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Tuncay is a highly influential and respected orthodontist in Philadelphia and worldwide. He is a Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Moreover, Dr. Tuncay is one of the world’s foremost experts of Invisalign use. His inventions are readily incorporated into the design of Invisalign’s aligner trays that benefit patients around the world; both nationally and internationally. He ...

Medical Administration and Healthcare Jobs

medical_billingWith aging populations in many developing countries, health care is one of the fastest growing industries around the world. The new jobs being created in health care range from the highly specialized, such as surgery and dermatology, to general services such as nursing and emergency care. More and more, administrative jobs such as billing and information management are also opening up. As a result, institutions such as Anthem College are offering more targeted training in these fields and creating increasingly competent graduates. Administrative work in the medical field requires several skills that a typical training program does not provide. Medical offices deal with a large number of clients, each of whom ...
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Plant Sterols: A Brief Overview

fats from plantsYou’ve probably heard people recommending you to use sterols for healthy circulatory system. But what are sterols? Does your body need them? Are they really safe to use as nutritional supplements? And perhaps you’d like to know more about it. If you do, then, you’ve come to the right place.

To start with, most people use sterols as steroid alcohols, which are a subgroup of the steroids. These are actually an important class of organic molecules, which naturally occurs in plants, animals and even fungi. The most familiar type of animal sterol is cholesterol, which is important to an animal’s cell membrane structure and

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Body Jewelry: Staying Safe

Modern entertainment has given today’s generation a taste for body jewelry. Brow studs, belly button rings, nose rings, and a wealth of other accessories have turned up in games and movies, and consumers are of course following suit. No part of the body seems immune to this new fashion trend, and it seems to be gaining ground.

Diamond jewelry and gold chains are still on top of the line, but more and more younger buyers seem to be opting for cutting-edge accessories. Body piercings are especially popular, probably as the technology became more available, widespread, and cheap. Practically every other jewelry store now offers a piercing

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