How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

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Liposuction is one of the more notoriously expensive forms of cosmetic surgery, partly because of heavy demand and partly because of the complexity of the procedure. However, as doctors never fail to remind us, it’s one of those procedures where you don’t want to take chances. You should still shop around, but more often than not, paying a premium for good service is better than saving a few thousands for sloppy surgery.

So how much does liposuction cost? It depends on the problem area—specific areas such as the thighs, hips, and buttocks can cost about $2,000 to $3,000 each, plus non-surgical fees totalling about $1,500. The abdomen is usually the most expensive part, costing about $2,000 each for the upper and lower ab and about $7,000 for the entire area. Overall, the cost of liposuction can add up to close to $10,000.

There may also be differences between liposuction for men and women. This is because fat in men may be distributed differently, and men are more likely to need liposuction for non-cosmetic purposes (such as clinical obesity). However, for both sexes, the biggest factors in cost are the number of areas being treated and the amount of time and effort required of the surgeon.

If liposuction recovery is a concern—for instance, if you can’t afford too long a break from work—you may want to consider less invasive procedures. These include smart liposuction, which uses lasers to target the problem areas, and ultrasonic liposuction, which uses sound waves. Depending on the scope of the procedure, laser liposuction cost may be higher or lower than traditional liposuction, and the risks aren’t necessary lower. One advantage, however, is that recovery time is shorter, so you can get back to work sooner and don’t have to pay for as many post-surgery services.

Liposuction side effects should also be taken into account. These can range from purely aesthetic, such as scarring and skin loosening, to more serious ones like infection and adverse skin reactions. Make sure to talk to your surgeon about liposuction risks, and bring up any conditions you have that can affect the results. You may want to watch a liposuction video beforehand so you know what you’ll be going through.

In any case, don’t forget to get a written estimate of the liposuction costs. A good surgeon should be able to give you a figure off the top of his head, although some room for error is normal. Ask for a breakdown of the costs and see if you can opt out of some of them. The key is to know exactly what you’re paying for, and be assured that you’re in capable hands.