How Much Is A Nose Job?

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Among other forms of cosmetic surgery, nose jobs—officially called rhinoplasty—are fairly individualized. Some people get nose jobs purely for aesthetic purposes, some want to fix an injury or a genetic flaw, and others want both problems fixed in one shot. In any case, most nose jobs will have both aesthetic and health effects, although to varying degrees. Among other things, this means that no two operations are exactly alike, and few cost exactly the same.

So how much is a nose job? Costs depend on several factors, including your location, the type and purpose of the surgery, your surgeon, and even your location. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. That’s a pretty big margin, and it can be hard to budget for patients who work day jobs and hardly have that much just lying around.

The best way to prepare yourself is to know what determines nose job cost. There are three main factors: the surgeon’s fee, the facility fee, and the anesthesia fee. The surgeon’s fee accounts for the biggest chunk of your bill; as of 2010, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported an average surgeon’s fee of $4,314. Surgeons charge according to the scope of the procedure (i.e. how extensive the surgery is) and their years of experience.

Anesthesia fees range from $1,000 to $3,000 for any type of plastic surgery. Nose jobs are usually on the low to middle end of the spectrum because the anesthesia is fairly localized. However, for complicated procedures, you may have to pay more. Facility fees are the most volatile cost—some centers charge less than $500 while others will add over $2,000 to your bill. The price tends to go up in large urban areas, where healthcare is particularly expensive, or in high-end clinics with lots of extra services.

You may also have to pay for other services such as post-operative care, pre- and post-surgery checkups, and medications. This is largely dependent on the clinic, and you may be able to opt out of some of them if your doctor allows it. If you find the costs prohibitive, consider getting financing—these are offered at some clinics and by a number of third-party providers (some of whom specialize in cosmetic surgery financing). The most important thing is to know your options and do your research—you’d be surprised at how much you can save by looking around!