Understanding the roulette game wheel

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The roulette wheel is its battlefield where players get to stake on numbers, while the court judges the outcome. And the slight difference, the number left or right, a little game of the wheel can decide the entire stakes on the table. It’s safe to say – the wheel is indeed the game. In this piece, we’ll share with you, some of the things you probably don’t know about the live roulette wheel.

The logic behind the roulette wheel layout

In both European and American roulette game, the order of the numbers on the wheel track is different for each of the type wheels. It’s unknown to many players, but it’s why the game is such a fantastic casino game, and a balanced one too. The series of numbers on the wheel is well designed. It was created to accomplish some modest goals before, during, and after the game.

  • The colours on the wheels should alternate on the roulette wheel.

Two different numbers on the board should have different colours. But why is that? It is an absolute condition for both American and European types of wheels. Interestingly, the colour distribution on the roulette table is meant to be as balanced as possible. However, this isn’t as serious as one might think.

  • Confuse the player

Casinos are business establishments too, and their profits are your losses. It is difficult for an inexperienced roulette player to paint a mental picture of the wheel and understand the link between the numbers and the different sectors. Thus, the difficulty in noticing the bias or in placing a bet on other sectors. Meanwhile, experienced roulette players know the difference and can easily spot the sequence of numbers on the wheel even with their eyes closed. To win at the table, you have to get a mental image of the board and how the numbers are laid out.

  • Odd and Even numbers

The numbers should be evenly distributed along with the wheel. And there’s got to be no more than two odd or even numbers adjacent to each other on the roulette table.  

  • Low and High numbers are meant to alternate.

In the American wheel, there are different sectors with adjacent low numbers and adjacent high numbers. In the European roulette, the only point where the condition of number alternation is not metis the five next to 10. Its why the American wheel is not considered as perfectly balanced compared to the European wheel.

Two asymmetries of the European layout

If you split the circumference of the roulette wheels into two halves from the zero, on the right half are the black numbers with the low (1-18) red numbers. And on the left side, you’ll find the real black low numbers and all the high red numbers.

Furthermore, in the 9-number sector of the roulette wheel 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 21, just as you must have noticed, there is no number from the second dozen.

These are some of the things you’ve probably not noticed while playing the roulette game. Drop your comment down below, and share the piece with friends.