Mole Removal Cost

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Moles are seldom dangerous, but people often opt to have them removed for aesthetic or comfort purposes—they may find a particular mole disfiguring, or it could get in the way of certain functions (usually when a large, embossed mole is in a frequently used spot such as the fingers or lip edges). In any case, mole removal has become commercially available for decades, and over the years has become cheaper and more accessible.

The average mole removal cost is between $125 and $150, although several factors can push the price up or down considerably. These include location (some cities simply have more expensive health care), reason (you may get less coverage for purely cosmetic laser mole removal), and type of procedure (you may require minor surgery or just an over-the-counter product). There may also be associated costs, such as doctor’s fees, initial checkups and estimates, and follow-up tests.

As mentioned above, you may not always get medical insurance coverage for mole removal when it’s classified as cosmetic. In the UK, mole removal NHS coverage is limited to medical reasons, such as when the mole is potentially cancerous or prone to complications. There’s a bit of a grey area for optional removal that’s not for aesthetic reasons; for example, when a mole is perfectly normal but frequently gets caught in clothing. Some doctors may suggest private removal in this case, while others will be willing to do it under the NHS. It’s therefore best to ask around and get to know your options.

If you’re not willing to pay out of pocket, you can try mole removal at home. A mole removal cream, applied regularly over a period of weeks or months, can gradually lighten the area and even it out with the rest of your skin. Usually, however, this only works for small surface moles and should be left out for large and potentially cancerous marks. Some doctors also advise against home-based facial mole removal, as facial skin is more sensitive and the wrong product can cause adverse reactions.

Most doctors will offer some sort of financing for patients who require surgical mole removal. If it’s not covered by your health plan, ask if they have a deferred payment option or a discount. Payment plans are usually offered on the basis of your credit rating, so be ready to provide them if necessary. You may also be able to opt out of certain services, such as a private room, to keep costs down.